After 10 years, one mixtape, seven singles, one EP and five studio albums, Tyler, the Creator is nowhere near his peak. Known best for his 2017 hit album 'Flower Boy,' and more recently his 2019 Wall Street Journal’s Innovator of the Year Award, his latest album, 'IGOR,' premiered at number one on the charts. Tyler continues to redefine the rap genre and push boundaries with his content. 
Born in Ladera Heights, California, Tyler Gregory Okonma developed his knack for creativity and design at an early age, designing album covers before he could even make music. His creative roots bled into his fashion sense, where he is most known for his loud patterns and colors and stylish hats. 
His personal style developed into his fashion brand, GOLF WANG, where he designs everything from shoes, sweatshirts, sweatpants and T-shirts to collared shirts, hats, socks and so much more. He recently released GOLF le FLEUR*, which features bomber jackets, floral sweaters and clutches, and leather, rainbow rounded toe shoes.  
The main inspiration for Tyler’s look is street style, with oversized shirts and panel caps to boot. However, Tyler knows how to dress up his look. With the release of 'IGOR,' the rapper has been sporting a lot of cohesively colored suites in bright green and blue. Creating a more slick look doesn’t mean he’s abandoning his roots, however. In his spread for the Wall Street Journal’s Innovator’s Issue, Tyler sported a tweed suit while rocking a pastel blue flat cap and his signature gold teeth. 
A lot of Tyler’s wardrobe comes from street style, so it’s easy to thrift most of the clothes. Anywhere that sells more high-end streetwear, like Urban Outfitters, Zaful or Zumiez, would be a good choice to represent one part of his wardrobe. The other, more professional part of his wardrobe can be purchased from stores like Express or Banana Republic. One of the great things about Tyler’s street fashion sense is it’s gender neutral, so women can also emulate his style from the aforementioned retailers. 
Tyler’s look is extremely accessible and easy to recreate. It’s easy to find cheap alternatives to recreating Tyler’s looks and, especially with his brand up for retail, people can buy the exact clothes he wears as a way to truly signify the rapper’s trademark style. Though his streetwear is what audiences typically see him sporting, Tyler is extremely versatile with his wardrobe. 
However, the same could be said for every part of his life. Though his career as a musician is the most notorious fact about him, Tyler is a television producer and creator with The Jellies!, Loiter Squad and Black Dynamite on Adult Swim and Nuts + Bolts on Viceland; a video director with some of his music videos and his YouTube channel, Golf Media; a fashion designer with GOLF WANG; and a festival curator since 2012 with his annual music festival, Camp Flog Gnaw.
At just 28 years old, Tyler is constantly pushing boundaries in every aspect of his life but especially with music and fashion. Since his start with Odd Future in 2007, his rise to stardom and entrepreneurship in every aspect of entertainment has taken the world by storm. There’s no doubt that Tyler will continue to break barriers and redefine various forms of entertainment.

Photo by Kailee Richey.
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